Payment Terms

We offer per milestone payment terms.

You receive a scope of work for entire project, based on hours of work, broken down into milestones.

  • We do not change the scope of work, unless you explicitly request it.
  • If you request a change in scope, we will provide you with a new, clearly defined scope of work.

You pay us when we complete a milestone, completed milestone includes a working copy for your testing.

We will not start the next milestone until we receive payment for the previous milestone.

First Time Customers
  • For first time customers, we do not accept initial milestone work which is more than $100.00.
  • We will complete and deliver the initial milestone copy, if both parties are satisfied, we will remove the $100.00 limit.

We do not accept deposits. For your and our protection.

For more information on our workflow, you can check our business practices.

Our Rates

For most projects, we charge an hourly rate of $35.00 per hour for development work. This rate is for our senior developers who lead the project.

We charge $25.00 per hour on our junior developers who are working under the supervision of a senior developer.

Development projects require at least 1 senior developer. Existing projects can be maintained by a junior developer, if no new features are requested.

Availability of junior developers is subject to our approval.

Minimum Charge

We have a minimum charge of $100.00 per project. This means that if you have a small project that takes less than 3 hours, we will charge you $100.00.

Long Term Projects & Customers

For long term projects and customers, we offer a discount on our hourly rate. The discount is based on the number of hours per month that you need a developer. The discount is as follows:

Hours per MonthDiscount


We offer a retainer service for our long term clients who need a developer on call. For a retainer, we charge a flat fee of $1200.00 per month for 40 hours of developer time, paid after the work is done.

Retainer clients have priority over other clients. We will drop almost-everything to work on your project.

Retained hours do not roll over to the next month. If you do not use your hours, you lose them.

Retainers are subject to our approval and only provided to high volume clients.

Open Ended Retainer

Open ended retainers are given only our most trusted clients, and are subject to our approval.

  • Open ended retainers are given for projects under our management.
  • Our clients who have open ended retainers, have a dedicated developer who is available to them 24/7.
  • We will manage the project, and we will assign developers to the project as needed.
  • Clients will receive full scope of project, and will be able to request changes to the scope of work at any time.
  • Special pricing per hours is available for open ended retainers.
  • Payment will be on delivery per milestone as always.

Single Gig Pricing

For smaller or predetermined projects or as we call them gigs, we offer a fixed price.

We will provide you with a quote for the work to be done, and we will stick to it.

We will not charge you more than the agreed price, unless you change the scope of the work.

Gigs are generally posted in our website or in our social media accounts.


We will send you an invoice after each milestone, and you will pay us when you receive the invoice.

We provide invoices in PDF format, and we will send them to you via email, you can also download them from our website.

We provide 2 copies of each invoice, in 2 different languages, English and Turkish.
  • The Turkish copy is signed using government issued electronic signature. This is the official copy.
  • The English copy is signed using our company stamp.
  • Both copies share same invoice number. So they are just translations of each other.